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    1. WHO WE ARE

      At SKAI, we believe great human values inspire profound business values and that simple thought
      has allowed us to create one of the region’s most progressive companies in the real estate sector.

      We are a team of entrepreneurs who are purpose-driven, performance-oriented and principle-led,
      each working collectively with a united vision to create long-term and tangible value for all
      our stakeholders.

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      At the heart of our corporate culture resides the essence of INSPIRED PERSPECTIVES,
      two powerful words that articulate our approach of embracing simplicity in a fast-evolving market,
      by looking beyond the obvious, relying on our intuitive capabilities and our deep-rooted knowledge
      about the unpredictable nature of the real estate industry.

      We believe the most valuable real estate in the world is our customer’s mind; this drives us on
      a daily basis to aim for distinction in every action and ensure every promise we make is upheld
      to peerless standards.

      Our pursuit of excellence is based on four core values;


      At SKAI, we believe trust is the foundation of success. We believe integrity in thought and action
      is the starting point of any sustainable journey and long-lasting relationships. We take pride
      in our passion to create a culture of trust amongst our colleagues that also benefits our partners
      and customers.


      At SKAI, we believe in empowering all our colleagues to be entrepreneurial at heart as this
      encourages imaginative solutions to complex problems, giving us the critical advantage of decisive
      momentum at the most demanding of times. Our talent pool of both management and operational
      staff are the cornerstones of our culture as they take responsibility to play an active part in delivering
      impeccable value to our stakeholders.


      At SKAI, we are compelled on a daily basis to be creative in our approach as we strive to monetise
      opportunities that yield maximum returns for our stakeholders. Whether it is new and efficient
      design principles, innovative technologies that pioneer change or simply challenging the status quo
      of operational fundamentals, we disrupt convention to create enviable results.


      At SKAI, our energy and intellect is glued together by our intuitive capabilities to anticipate
      the unpredictable. Our insights about the business of real estate, the ever-changing nature
      of demand and supply and the implications of global macro-economic trends are complemented
      by our instinct to always stay ahead of the curve, ensuring we monetise every stage
      of the real estate cycle.

      We take pride in our ambition yet remain rooted to fostering trust, encouraging entrepreneurship,
      driving innovation and most importantly, relying on our intuition. INSPIRED PERSPECTIVES
      is our unique, collaborative culture that upholds these simple principles and promises.

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    1. WHAT WE DO

      At SKAI, we have a unique integrated approach that is designed to take advantage of the different
      cycles of the real estate industry.

      This principle of ‘synchronised profitability’ is harnessed by five key activities, each playing a vital role
      to protect the interests of the company and its stakeholders during the cycle.

      Real estate investment in Dubai
      Synchronised Profitability

      Our business strategy is defined by a clear mandate to create, evolve and protect a self-sufficient
      economic model during the four stages of Growth, Oversupply, Slump and Recovery within
      the real estate industry.

      This model of interlinked efficiencies is managed by seasoned professionals, whose expertise
      and knowledge allows SKAI to build an eco-system of business disciplines that are perpetually
      collaborative and profitable.

      SKAI’s seamless value generation capabilities are supported by the following eco-system;




      These symbiotic and cyclical business disciplines run in perpetual harmony to each cycle
      of the real estate industry, giving SKAI a distinct advantage to pioneer profitable ventures
      on behalf of its stakeholders.

    2. Real Estate Investment

      Real Estate

      At SKAI, we remain focused on investing in completed projects at the most
      opportune time. Our insights and knowledge allow us to identify when market
      confidence is ebbing within the sector and our access to robust capital reserves allow
      us to invest in opportunities in a timely manner. Similarly, our aim for profitable
      returns is tempered by our mature outlook to always exit the cycle well before it turns.
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    3. Real Estate Restructuring

      Real Estate

      At SKAI, we are always attuned to evaluate the merit of investing in existing projects
      or acquire unfinished ones, which drive faster returns during the intermediate stages,
      as opposed to the peaks and troughs, within the real estate cycle. With a proven
      track record, we have identified numerous unique opportunities to acquire, evolve
      and sell properties and deliver excellent returns in a time-efficient manner.

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    4. Real Estate Development

      Real Estate

      At SKAI, we embark on our most significant endeavors by launching and developing
      real estate projects as the market is beginning to Recover. This affords us unique
      advantages, from low market entry barriers to attractive cost efficiencies
      for real estate development and in return those benefits drive higher profitability
      for our stakeholders.

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    5. Real Estate Brokerage

      Real Estate

      At SKAI, our brokerage division provides efficient distribution for our own projects
      and also plays a profound role for the collective benefit of all our strategic business
      units. This perennial service allows us to gain deeper understanding about consumer
      confidence, market demand and upcoming projects, which in return impacts
      our ability to invest and develop in the most commercially compelling manner
      in our own projects.

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      Real estate brokerage firm Dubai



      At SKAI, we have a strong strategic focus to grow our hospitality division
      and all our vertical business units feed into hospitality as this provides the organisation
      the ability to maneuver during the Slump in the real estate sector. In return,
      this provides the company’s other divisions the ability to remain nimble, confident
      and independent during demanding times, as well as invest in new projects.

      • HOTELS
      Hospitality in Dubai

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      Suites In The Skai

      Jumeirah Village Circle

      Suites In the SKAI

      Jumeirah Village Circle


      Suites in the SKAI comes alive with pioneering design principles that redefine 21st century living. Conceptualised by Nabil Akiki, CEO, Real Estate Development, the project is a unique design-led innovation with a pending global patent.

      489,230 square feet of landscaping creates a greenery to land ratio of 7:1. A total of 268 swimming pools combine to produce a water surface area of two acres, and deep soil beds in every apartment allow trees to grow at 873 feet. The huge frontage, larger than a luxury villa, bestows 200-degree views stretching from Jebel Ali to Downtown Dubai.

      As pioneers of the hospitality condo hotel segment, Suites in the SKAI offers a ‘flexible room and home ownership’ programme within a booming industry in a landmark development.
      For more information on Suites in the SKAI, please click here

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      viceroy dubai

      Palm Jumeirah

      Valued at AED 3.6 billion
      rooms and suites
      222 signature residences
      unrivalled views
      of the Arabian Sea

      Viceroy Dubai Palm Jumeirah is SKAI Holdings' extraordinary endeavour
      at opulence along the shoreline of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. This magnificent
      structure will stand testament to SKAI’s passion for perfection and its innovative
      approach to luxury hospitality. The distinct resort and its 10 spectacular culinary
      venues, 7 well-appointed meeting spaces and the exquisite wellness offering
      will be characterised by inspired architecture and definitive design.

      For more information on Viceroy Dubai Palm Jumeirah, click here

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      Villa heights

      Jumeirah Village Circle

      Villa heights

      Jumeirah Village Circle

      Valued at AED 400 million
      Built-in Jacuzzis
      sun-dappled terraces

      Nestled in new Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle is a family-friendly enclave
      set amidst a verdant landscape and home to Villa Heights. SKAI Holdings
      will complete and refurbish three highly anticipated projects within this area,
      namely Villa Myra, Villa Pera and Cappadocia, creating residences boasting
      bespoke design elements, ornate fixtures, wide overhangs and balconies
      with built-in landscaping.

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      Valued at AED 160 million
      Built-in barbeque grills

      Located within The Greens community, SKAI Residency features 117 stylish
      serviced apartments for short and long-term leases. Punctuated by sun-drenched
      landscaped gardens, it offers elegant studio, one bedroom and two bedroom
      accommodations that cater to the needs of modern-day lifestyles.
      The development offers services like sheltered parking, 24-hour reception
      and security, state-of-the-art gymnasium and swimming pool.

      For more information on SKAI Residency, click here

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      bahar 4

      jumeirah beach residence

      bahar 4

      jumeirah beach residence

      Living spaces across 40 towers
      CHIC Penthouses
      Adjacent to the VIBRANT JBR Walk

      Located at the heart of the lively Jumeirah Beach Residence, Bahar 4 offers
      a lifestyle reminiscent of living in a luxurious beach resort. With over 6,000
      apartments, this community offers easy access to the uptown locales in the city.
      SKAI Holdings saw great potential in this AED 140 million project and purchased
      the development before completion. The company has seen sizeable returns
      by making sure each residence is a source of pride for home owners.

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